Thursday, October 20, 2011

Ice maker leaking?

Leaking ice maker is indication of faulty ice maker assembly.

There are few possibilities.
1) Faulty water inlet valve.
2) Clogged water passing line.
3) Faulty ice maker assembly.

Click this link below to get more details:---
The ice maker not working: ---

If water inlet valve checked ok and water line is clear, then for replacing ice maker assembly,the procedure is as follows :---

Replacing ice maker assembly on most of the refrigerator is not very difficult and procedure is near to same.But not exactly same.On some models there is clips holding the parts and on some models there are screws holding parts.Many a times screws are hidden and difficult to see.

One of the user who replaced ice maker assembly has mentioned the procedure to replace ice-maker,Go through this procedure :---

The ice maker is easy to replace.First unplug the icemakers wire harness from the refrigerator and then remove three screws. Installing is the reverse of the procedure. Just line up the single screw of the bracket and the track, re-install the three screws and then plug the icemaker back in. Takes less than 15 minutes. After the icemaker got to the right temperature (about an hour) it was making ice again.

In this process ,I removed the auger, cap, and crusher assembly from the ice bin, by removing the top 2 screws with a small nut driver. Put these parts on the new ice bin and tightened the 2 screws/nuts at the top of the bin and slid the ice bucket back into place. Take care nothing get lost and you don't forget to refit any part.


Replacement parts can be purchased at any of the following web sites:
Before going to buy any parts directly.
Go through this other troubleshooting help links.

This is list of refrigerator problems,which is normally faced in refrigerator.
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