Thursday, October 20, 2011

Ice maker dispensing black pieces of plastic in the ice?

This problem is not very common.But few users have noticed this problem.
The reason for this is ice maker tray,where ice get formed.In the tray there is Teflon coating on the base.This coating gets loose after few years and flakes/pieces of this coating gets mixed with ice formed in the tray.The color of this Teflon coating is either white or black.
Getting the tray re-coated is near to impossible, because such coatings are not available locally and easily.
Spare ice maker trays are not available for all refrigerator models.For some models the tray is available, in that case you can just directly get the tray replaced.But in some cases the ice maker has to be replaced.

Replacing ice maker assembly on most of the refrigerator is not very difficult and procedure is near to same.But not exactly same.On some models there is clips holding the parts and on some models there are screws holding parts.Many a times screws are hidden and difficult to see.

One of the user who replaced ice maker assembly has mentioned the procedure to replace ice-maker,Go through this procedure :---

The replacement is  quite easy, taking less than half an hour. The  tools you will need is screwdriver and a nut driver. First  unplug the refrigerator and turn off the water supply to the ice maker. Then just loosen, but do not remove, the two top attachment screws. After that remove the bottom screw.Then properly lift the unit up off the top screws and remove the water inlet hose at the top right. Keep a container handy to catch the small amount of water that comes out.You will have to take some ones help.To collect this water.
The electrical wiring harness is very short and may be tricky to disconnect. Once the unit is out of the refrigerator you can remove the connector from the ice maker by using a screwdriver to depress the latch tab that is visible in a window in the unit housing. When installing the connector in the new unit make sure it is fully seated. Next, reconnect the round vinyl connector to the receptacle on the back wall of the freezer compartment. This was the worst part of the whole procedure. You have to support the unit close to the back of the freezer (due to the short harness) with one hand while inserting the connector with the other. This requires both arms in a confined space.
Once the connectors are in place put the water inlet hose into the opening at the top right. You may need to re-use the retaining clip from the old unit for this. Slide the two top mounting ears down between the screw heads and the back wall of the freezer compartment and tighten the screws. Then install the bottom screw. Plug in the refrigerator, turn on the water and make yourself a frosty beverage.


Replacement parts can be purchased at any of the following web sites:
Before going to buy any parts directly.
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