Thursday, October 20, 2011

Refrigerator ice maker stopped making ice?

This is common problem faced by many other users too.
The ice maker stops making ice.

There are few possibilities.
1) Faulty water inlet valve.
2) Clogged water passing line.
3) Faulty ice maker assembly.

Click this link below to get more details:---
The ice maker not working: ---

If water inlet valve checked ok and water line is clear, then for replacing ice maker assembly,the procedure is as follows :---

Replacing ice maker assembly on most of the refrigerator is not very difficult and procedure is near to same.But not exactly same.On some models there is clips holding the parts and on some models there are screws holding parts.Many a times screws are hidden and difficult to see.

One of the user who replaced ice maker assembly has mentioned the procedure to replace ice-maker,Go through this procedure :---

First remove the three screws which  are attached to the ice maker to the freezing compartmnet wall in refrigerator.Then disconnect the power to the old ice maker and removed the old ice maker. Take the white front cover off of the old ice maker.Then  disconnect the wiring harness from the old ice maker. Remove the "ice making-stop arm" from the old ice maker.Properly place the items taken from old ice maker on to the new ice maker.Then reconnect the new ice maker to the power. Now placed the new ice maker in the proper position in freezing compartment of refrigerator and refit the three screws. 

Replacement parts can be purchased at any of the following web sites:
Before going to buy any parts directly.
Go through this other troubleshooting help links.

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