Friday, October 28, 2011

Details regarding Remote controls?

Read this details before buying or getting your remote control repaired.

1. If you are buying a UNIVERSAL remote for some reason do not expect it to provide all the original functions or EVEN TO WORK FOR YOUR UNIT. You in most cases are better with the original---if the original does not work there are ways to deal with that.

A dead remote is usually bad batteries, dirty or loose connections or has had some liquid spilled into it.

Most remotes can be taken apart (if its dead nothing to lose here) and the circuit board cleaned with alcohol etc and the rubber like keypad washed with dish soap, dried completely and the unit usually works again.

2. NEVER STORE REMOTES WITH THE BATTERIES IN THEM FOR PROLONGED PERIODS OF TIME; the batteries can leak and a white mess similar to battery cables in a car occurs. This can be dealt with by cleaning all the white stuff out and cleaning the metal contacts by use of a small file or knife----DO NOT USE WATER etc for cleaning here.

3. Most shops have a remote tester, it is a card with a strip and when the remote is pointed at it the strip lights up (3 dollar item on the internet).

4. Lost remotes for many units are a problem----some never think to GOOGLE THE MODEL NUMBER OF THE SET with the word REMOTE after it---AVOID UNIVERSALS. Many units (TV combos, DVD, blue ray etc) MUST HAVE THE ORIGINAL REMOTE for all functions to be accessed.

5. Three things for the most part cause remotes not to work: DROPPED, LIQUID SPILLED, AND BATTERY ISSUES.

Dropped is most likely to be fatal if the board inside is damaged, the other two are fixable 95% of the time.

This details will help you to understand your remote control better.

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