Sunday, October 23, 2011

Emerson MW8115SS Microwave Oven turntable will not turn?

Go through this microwave oven problems,This will help you troubleshoot all the basic details to resolve the issue on your microwave.
If you are having problems with your Microwave Oven not working then you need to systematically go through these troubleshooting tips to figure out exactly why yourMicrowave does not work

The main thing to remember about microwave ovens is that they have large electrical capacitors inside them that can discharge lethal amounts of current even after they have been unplugged. Touching the wrong wire(s) inside, even after unplugging the unit can still be deadly. Make sure that you know how to discharge the capacitors or have a certified repair technician work on your oven.

The most common problem for the oven to not work at all is that the internal (thermal) fuse has blown. This fuse is there to protect both you and your appliance. It will be a simple fix for an experienced technician.

The door switch is another common problem. This switch is activated by the latch, and if it is broken the switch will not allow the oven to work.

If you can hear the oven running and it sounds normal but there is no heat then there is an internal problem with the high voltage circuitry or you may have a problem with the circuit board. Changing the circuit board or the high voltage components is something that you want experienced hands to do.

If it does heat but the power level will not change, then there is something called a triac (electronic voltage controller) that has failed. This also is a job for a qualified technician.

If the turntable stops turning, this is usually caused by the failure of the smallmotor that spins the turntable. This does not effect the heating but to replace this motor the cabinet needs to be open which will expose you to the hazards of the high voltage components. It is best to seek help to do this.

Intermittent heating problems are often caused by steam making condensation of the electronic components or a loose connection in the circuitry. If it is moisture the circuitry will dry out and work after some time. If it is a loose wire then it will need to be fixed by a technician.

If your unit microwave runs but is buzzing very loudly, then you have problems with the magnetron, the high voltage capacitor, or the power diode. These components are all high voltage components and need to be treated with great care. A good technician knows how to diagnose and repair them safely.

If you observe sparking inside the microwave, turn it off immediately. This can be caused by metal inside, or can also be caused by excessive food or liquid buildup. If it causes any burn spots you will need to have then repaired or fix them to have asafe appliance.

This will give you many of the basic causes for problems in a microwave oven. As you can see there is very little that an untrained person can safely do to repair this appliance.
This can however give you some idea of what to expect if you need to call a repair technician to work on your appliance.