Friday, October 28, 2011

Green Blinking light of death?

Go through the above mentioned details if you notice Green blinking light of death on your television.
This information applies to Mitsubishi sets that have a Model number beginning with VS, WS, WT etc. It does not apply to the WD series of sets made later.
ONLY 1 of 2 things can cause this problem----

First thing to do is remove front speaker grill--it should pull out and is secured with plastic pegs--behind it you will find an inspection plate---

Notice the one or two pairs of wires coming from the front keyboard of the set---remove the inspection plate and follow the wires to the right--you can unplug both plugs(most have two and they are marked with letters and different sizes so you cannot get them wrong)

The idea here is to remove the front keyboard with its reset button etc from the circuit---You will still be able to try to turn the set on with the remote---

These sets have a Receiver that is called a DM board--(large metal box to the left as you look from the back) and if the power goes out the green light will blink for about 70 seconds and then go out---it is the Receiver booting up. It is called the DM board.

If disconnecting the keyboard allows the set to turn on--you have a bad reset switch and two choices---either operate the set only with the remote or to remove the front screen and get at the reset switch (it is tiny) and remove and/or replace it.

If disconnecting the keyboard does not restore the set to operation---the receiver is bad---there are 4 or more caps and some pico fuses that can fail in that unit---Mitsubishi no longer sells or repairs these--if it is bad and not the caps there is a company you can send the unit to and have it repaired--if you need to know their name let me know---

You can call them and get a quote for repairing the receiver.

There are sites on the internet selling a "kit" with the caps etc and instructions for replacing them---if they are bad the silver tops of them will be bulged up and not flat.

The above mentioned details will help you know the problem better on your television.So you can take a step forward in taking a decision in getting it repaired by professional or doing in yourself.

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