Tuesday, October 22, 2013

How To replace outer glass lens on Samsung galaxy vibrant

SamSung Galaxy Outer Glass Replacement

Please click on the below two links of video which will demonstrate how to replace the outer cover of galaxy S. if you are not comfortable doing it, give it to Samsung or other mobile services store as they are the best ones to do the same.

Video 1
Video 2

Please Note

The outer glass lens is actually the digitizer. It sits just in front of the lcd screen and is what's makes your "touch" control the phone.

To remove the panel, you will need to use a heat gun to heat up the tape holding the panel to the phone shell. One it is nice and gooey, use your non marring tool to pry the panel from the phone, making sure to have the flex cable disconnected from the main board.

To install, clean up the shell and then apply your digitizer tape to the shell, run the flex cable through the opening, and then press the digitizer down onto the shell. Put the phone back together and you're up and running. The first video link  posted above is exactly what you should follow. Its the same for almost every phone.
To separate the front glass from the digitizer on a Samsung Galaxy S is not possible.
These are put together the exact same way the iPhone 4's are. You cannot and repeat, cannot separate the two from each other without something scratching or breaking. I've replaced 100's of cell phone display's and can tell you first hand that if your going to do this and expect a like new phone look when your done, buy the assembly. They sell just the glass on ebay yes, but what they dont tell you is that the adhesive is applied with a special machine that quickly applies a set amount of special clear adhesive and mends the two pieces within a certain timeframe and with perfect pressure. These pieces were never meant to be taken apart. The reason these people on ebay sell you the glass for so cheap and the assembly for a lot more is because they know that you'll buy the cheap one first then end up buying the assembly when things go south. Take it from someone who's been there already. 

This Will Help.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Laptop Wireless Network Issue

No Wifi Network On Laptop

Acer Aspire 5570 laptop will no longer find our wireless network or pick up any others in the area...we checked the front switch and wireless is enabled...also tried the function F3 key and again, wireless is "on". Any other suggestions?

Either the wireless adapter is not turned on, or its not installed properly, what I mean is, while it probably is properly in its place and not disconnected from the computers mainboard, it could have a driver problem. 

You could check on that by right clicking on your my computer or computer icon on your desktop or find it from the start menu and right click on it. Select Manage from the list, from the management window, click on device manager on the left side.

Now on the right side the device manager should be open, from there look / open 'network adapters' and or look for any devices for ? or ! or X mark over them, these all would indicate a problem or that the device is disabled.

If there is a red X that means that the device is disabled right click on that device and select enable and your problem should be solved.

if its a ? mark right click on it and select properties from the new window that opens read the status message and post it to me here and I can give you further instructions.

If its anything else or if its not listed, or if it is listed, just post here and lets see what we can do.

I followed your instruction and in the Device Manager under Network Adapters both the following options were marked with an ! 1. Intel (R) PRO/Wireless 3945 ABG Network Connection 2. isatap.ed.shawcable.net The message for #1 noted above was "Windows cannot load the device driver for hardware. The driver may be corrupt or missing (code 39) Message for #2 noted above was again that Windows could not load the driver (code 31). "

Right click on the device and select uninstall, restart the computer, the device should get installed again automatically if not we need to download the drivers from acer website, let me know how it goes.

SOLVED: I downloaded the drivers and it is up and running. Thanks!

"INSERT SIM" Error Message

No Sim OR Insert Sim Message


Your card might be a little dirty and needs cleaning in the metallic parts where it connects to your phone. If your card is too old it might need to be replaced by your phone company.
Try and insert another SIM from a friend and see if it works. Also please try to insert YOUR SIM in another phone and see if it is OK. 

If it works in another phone then the problem might be with your phone's connectors.

Apple Iphone Insert sim card

Where To Insert Sim Card

How do i take or insert my sim card into phone

i don't know where is the place to insert the sim card in the iphone can u help me please ?

Go to apple support http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1438

On the top of your iphone next to the power button with a slot with a very small hole, there are two holes, one is the bigger one and the small one. 

Use a paper pin and push the small hole, some might need to use more pressure than the other, that should pop out the existing sim and u can put urs in.




Here is a site that shows how to do this:


Apple iphone unlock Code

How To Unlock Apple Iphone

I need an unlocking code for an apple iphone connected to orange. i don't have an orange sim card either.

Heres the service you need to use:



You can get the unlock code for your iphone mobile, through this site http://www.mobileunlocksolutions.com/apple/rs1wp8/

It provides the easy instructions and some new methods for unlocking mobile phones.

IPhone's don't have unlock codes. You need unlock software, it's free so never pay for it.


If your iPhone has firmware version 3.1.3 you can't unlock it yet. If it's lower version follow the iclarified website

How to unlock iphone 3gs

Iphone Unlock Code

I need to unlock my iphone to use it on t-mobile.

Hi, the best option is to use a carrier authorized unlock, check here if your current network is supported for unlocking: 

If you need to unlock Apple Iphone 3gs,Use Remote unlock service.You can get remote unlock service fromwww.mobileunlocksolutions.com
To get remote unlock service, you have to provide the country and network in which it is currently locked,IMEI number.Then get unlock and unlock it.

The default phones code is 12345 or 00000 u can use it 
Default 4 Digit user code: 1234 or 0000
Default 6 Digit Security code: 123456 or 000000

Type *#06# at the mobile screen to know IMEI no of your mobile.
send the IMEI no to the service provider and they will reply you with unlocking code.
IF Problem not Solved 
You need to install  New Software in the Phone.

If For puk & pin cod problem 

You Go To Service & Sim Office and Get The Puk code And Pin code From Office oprator
Enter The Puk code and Yes
Enter The pin code and Yes
The correct Puk code will Open the locked cell phone and Problem will Quickly Solved.

SamSung Camera Photos Black & White To Color

Samsung Camera Problem

Samsung 105 camera was in wrong mode and photos were taken in b&w. How to convert back to color?

Sorry, there isn't a way. Once the photo was stored as a black-and-white JPEG file, all the color information was discarded.
When you save your actual photo file,you have to save in color mode.There is a option.If you choose black & white then you cannot do anything.

Cell Phone locked , PUK Code

Cell Phone PUK Code

I have my cell phone blocked, appears here puk. I write my pin and the cell describe that it is incorrect, I can not open my cell phone?

Please contact your cellular service provider to get the PUK code for your phone.

Phone Up Customer Services And See What They Can Do.

Your nokia 6020 doesn't have problem. It's your sim card. If you still have your simcard packaging, the PUK code is written their inside it's brochure. Or you can also go to your mobile phone network and ask its PUK code. Or simply buy a new simcard with the same network company.

PLEASE NOTE: I took it to my provider and they had to give me a new SIM card and it fixed the problem. But you lose whatever is saved on the original SIM card.

PUK code can be given only by your service provider which is specific for each and every mobile number.
Contact your sim customer care department over phone. Its free of cost to get the pin or puk no. If you cant contact through your phone get some other phone and contact them.
Go to the nearest service outlet of your service provider they can also help you. 
There is no other way than the above procedure only your service provider can give it nobody else in this world nor any software. 

Testimonial: "Thank you ever so much for your help. I have just phoned my service provider. Undertook all the necessary security checks and then they unblocked it."