Thursday, October 20, 2011

Ice maker leaks water into ice bin causing a glob of ice?

This problem is noticed on many refrigerators.
The main cause of problem is faulty ice maker assembly.It has to be replaced for permanent solution.

Replacing ice maker assembly on most of the refrigerator is not very difficult and procedure is near to same.But not exactly same.On some models there is clips holding the parts and on some models there are screws holding parts.Many a times screws are hidden and difficult to see.

One of the user who replaced ice maker assembly has mentioned the procedure to replace ice-maker,Go through this procedure :---
He says as follows:---

This is how i replaced ice maker assembly on my Maytag refrigerator:---
You should have Philips head screwdriver and it will take ten minutes . First remove the two screws that hold the icemaker assembly in place, then pull it out a little and disconnect the electrical plug connected to the icemaker assembly. Then snap the external parts off the old icemaker assembly and fit them on the new icemaker assembly. Installing the new icemaker assembly is just as fast and easy. Properly connect the electrical plug into the new icemaker assembly, then screw in the two screws. It was making ice shortly thereafter. Glob free ice! I'm glad I didn't call a repairman. I probably saved a hundred bucks. A ten year old could accomplish this simple and easy task.
You can too do it.Be confident and do it. Slowly,carefully and gently.


Replacement parts can be purchased at any of the following web sites:
Before going to buy any parts directly.
Go through this other troubleshooting help links.

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