Friday, October 28, 2011

How to repair a Remote Control?

You can check out this details if you notice problem with your remote controls operation,.
When you have a remote control that is not working properly---works but some buttons either do or do not work correctly the most common cause for this is something got spilled on the front of the remote--it does not have to be a large amount to cause problems.
The way all infrared remotes work is there is a circuit board inside with black carbon lines etched on it---this includes lines for each function the remote has.

The buttons on the outside of the remote are actually one large rubber like mat and on the bottom side are coated black buttons---when you press a button on the keyboard the button part on the bottom of the mat touches lines on the circuit board and directs the remote to send a infrared signal to the unit it controls.
In this situation you have two choices:

1.) Most remotes can be taken apart and cleaned for this problem--I have done hundreds of them.

a) Once you get the remote apart (the hard part) the rubber mat should lift freely off of the circuit board---if you have to peel it off and feel resistance you will see whatever residue of what was spilled and got under it; it gets between the mat and the circuit board.

b) The surface of the board where the lines are can be cleaned with denatured alcohol.

c) To clean the mat: remove it completely and with a small toothbrush and dish soap gently wash it in the sink with warm water. Then dry it with compressed air or a hairdryer set to air only. When it is COMPLETELY dry put it back into the face of the remote.

d) If there was a spill into the remote it is also a good idea to clean the face of the remote where the buttons protrude and dry it completely before you put the mat back.

e) Put the remote back together and see if it now works.

Your second option is to borrow another remote for the same kind of unit and see it works normally--if it does and cleaning does not fix the original remote--YOU WILL NEED to buy a new original remote for the unit.

I stay away from "Universal" remotes as many either will not work or be missing several features the original one had.

If a KNOWN good remote does not work it is possible but very unlikely that the problem is in the unit the remote conrols.

See attached photo of a typical remote taken apart--note the lines on the board and the bottom of the buttons on the keypad.

Neverclean the bottom of the buttons with anything except soap and water .As any chemicals can damage the black conductive coating on the bottom of each button--it will not hurt the lines on the circuit board!

This above mentioned details should help you make your remote work again or know your remote control better.

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