Thursday, October 20, 2011

How to replace Ice maker assembly?

Replacing ice maker assembly on most of the refrigerator is not very difficult and procedure is near to same.But not exactly same.On some models there is clips holding the parts and on some models there are screws holding parts.Many a times screws are hidden and difficult to see.

This is how the ice maker assembly looks:---
See the image shown below:---

Removing and replacing the ice maker was fairly straight forward. Tight quarters to work in, but managable.

1. With the freezer turned off, uplug the ice maker power cable at the back of the freezer.
2. Remove the four phillips head screws and ice bucket rail to the side of the freezer. I found it was easier to re-install the new ice maker with the rail clear off.
3. Loosen the two upper hex head screws holding the ice maker (requires a nut driver).
4. Lift the ice maker up and off of the upper screws.
5. With the ice maker out of the freezer, remove the power cable from the old ice maker and re-install on the new ice maker. At this point, both the front cover and the on/off lift bar can be transfered from the old ice maker to the new one.
6. Slip the new ice maker down over the two upper screws making sure the lower mounting tab is behind the ice bucket rail. Make sure the hole on lower mounting tab lines up with screw hole.
7. Re-install the ice bucket rail and tighten all screws. Make sure the water supply tube is lined up correctly feeding into the ice maker.
8. Re-connect ice maker power cable at the back of freezer and turn freezer back on.



Replacement parts can be purchased at any of the following web sites:
Before going to buy any parts directly.
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