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Transmission fluid leak, transmission gears slip,

Transmission problem, inspecting transmission fluid leak, why transmission gears are slipping,Transmission system leaks and gear slips while starting and driving.

Yes you notice such problem with car transmission many a times.

Many-a-times transmission repair issues are very costly.

So if you just notice minor issue related to transmission, don't ignore it.Ignorance is waiting for costly tranny repairs.

How you know transmission fluid is leaking.
Properly see the fluid color,its pinking red tinty and its very stick and oily kind of liquid.

Mostly it leaks from under the car.

Power steering fluid also looks very much similar.So if you notice the leak,just get it inspected by local tech about what exact fluid is leaking.

Due to fluid getting low,the transmission system will cause grinding and rattling noise.These noises will be heard from under the vehicle.

Also if you notice squealing noise while shifting ,its indication that transmission fluid is either low or its leaking.

Due to transmission fluid leaking,it also causes tranny gears to slip.

On these trans gear slip issue the motor will accelerate high but your vehicle will not give you that required speed as you accelerate.

Also you notice car shuddering and a delay in the car going into gear. Delay starting.
These symptoms are just the start up transmission failures.So dont ignore these indications.
Because major possibility after these is transmission not going in reverse or transmission will not shift out of park mode.

And at last transmission failures.

So transmission fluid is very important liquid.Its used to lubricate complete transmission assembly part.Its a special liquid made for your transmission.So don't use non-branded or non-trusted transmission fluid to your vehicle.A thick or thin fluid then original fluid,which your car requires can cause transmission failure issues.

A symptoms of transmission fluid leak or low trans fluid on your vehicle is engine overheating.
Do you notice vehicle getting overheat in few miles of driving,then its trans fluid issue.Yes there are many other possibilities for vehicle overheating,but low transmission fluid is also one reason.

Transmission fluid leaks due to many reasons.Poor /rough driving habits. Transmission seals getting old then worn out and cracked cause fluid leak.

If the fluid leak is minor, there is stop leak solution available at local autoparts store which you can apply on seal to seal the fluid leak. But in case of  major leak you will have to take the car to a workshop to fix the problem.

Sometimes the transmission leaks after getting its fluid changed.These is many a times due to overfill of trans fluid in the fluid chamber.
So always fill the trans fluid to its required level. Don't overflow it,thinking it will last long.It will leak and thse causes gear slip and finally no reverse and at last engine failure.


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