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Heater core used to heat the interior of the vehicle.

Its a radiator like device.

Radiator is to cool the engine and its engine components,while heater core is used as to heat the interior compartment.Its like when in winter days when there is no need of A/c , to keep the vehicle warm from inside the heater core is used.The hot air blows in the compartment via heater blower fan.
The fan is controlled by blower motor.
Hot coolant passing through the heater core gives off heat before returning to the engine cooling circuit.

The heater core is located under vehicles dashboard.
The heater fan blows air through the heater core and into the passenger side compartment of vehicle.

The coolant required for functioning of heater core is taken from cylinder head directly,so it does not have to depend on thermostat. The heater core will receive its hot coolant,whether thermostat is open or close.

The coolant flow gets clogged in the  piping  if the coolant system is not flushed or if the coolant is not changed regularly. 
On cases of coolant flow getting clogged  the heater core will not work properly. If coolant flow is restricted, heating capacity will be reduced or even lost altogether if the heater core becomes blocked.

On that cases first try to flush the heater core and see if that is helping or not.If not then heater core has to be inspected and replaced.

If it’s clogged it can be cleared with the use of Garden hose pump. The water has to be turn into the heater hose line and then water has to be removed out via the pump.
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