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Brake lights not working on my car
How to inspect brake light wiring and repair brake light problem.
No brake lights coming ON.

Brake lights are very important factor of your vehicle.
When you are driving on the road and suddenly when you need to stop in the way or if you need to take the turn or you need to slow down then how will be car running behind your car will know.

At that time the brake lights help you.You just have to press the brake pedal and brake lights will come ON,these will indicate the other car drivers behind your car that your car is going to stop or slow down.

But f there is no brake lights and in-case you take a turn or slow down in between the road then definitely it will cause a severe accident and that will be very dangerous.

So don't consider brake light a small bu;lb not working, don't ignore these brake lights not working.
Just troubleshoot the issue and repair it or replace blown light bulbs as soon as possible.

To troubleshoot the issue i have provided few helplinks ,with accurate solution these will help you to solve brake lights not working issue:-----

It can be faulty brake light switch causing the problem or its blown brake light bulb. First check and confirm brake light lamp is working and that's not the case.

To trouble shoot brake related problem, check the help links mentioned below:-----

Check the link:----

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These will help.

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