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Cruise control Speed control not working

Cruise control is for controlling vehicles speed system.Its a automatic speed control of the vehicle.

The driver has to set the required speed for his vehicle.The Cruise system sense the throttle of the car to maintain a steady speed as set by the driver.

But there are certain limitation the driver can adjust the speed.

These Auto speed controlling system is very helpful while long drives,where driver don't have to keep the accelerator pedal pressed continuously.

The cruise control system is day by day getting improved and modernized.These is easy driving for car drivers.
But when these system stops working,here the real issue starts.

Now a days auto garages charge heavy service charge to inspect the vehicles.Some garages charge as per time taken for the inspection and repair.

So its always better to know what possible issue is there.

May be you cannot do the actual repair,but if you can at-least know the cause of problem or the faulty component causing cruise control to stop operating then you know the repair cost before you visit the garage and don't get fooled.

It can be faulty cruise control switch. If the switch is replaced, then it can be wiring issue or faulty cruise control board. But as the switch is replaced, get the voltage at the switch tested to confirm the switch is actually receiving voltage. If no voltage received at switch power supply wire then, apply external 12 volt power to the cruise control switch wire and then see if cruise control comes ON. If yes, then you know wiring is issue.

So to troubleshoot Cruise control related problem there are solved help links. Check the link directly and refer the details to solve this problem yourself, with help of diagrams: ------

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These will help.

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