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Transmission will not go in reverse, Transmission will shift in drive but no reverse

One of the following reason mentioned below is possible for these problem:----

No Reverse

  • Transmission  fluid level is got low.
If the fluid is low then refill the fluid to its required level.

  • Improper fluid refilled.
Always fill correct tranny fluid.If wrong fluid is filled then it can cause gear shift issues.

  • The shift cable for Transmission is broken or misaligned.
Inspect the condition of shift cable,if its got misaligned then realign it .If the cable is worn out or broken then replace the shift cable.

  • Band/clutch application pressure is very low.
Verify the clutch band condition if it seems worn out then it will not create required pressure.
  • Transmission Fluid filter is clogged or got worn out.
Verify the condition of transmission fluid filter.If the filter is very dirty and very old then its suggested to replace the filter.If the filter is very dirty but just newly replaced then just get the filter cleaned.
  • Faulty assembly gaskets or gasket got loose.
Inspect the main assembly gasket conditions,if the gasket bolts are out of its torque specs then refit the bolt and it will help.If gasket is got worn out then it has to be replaced.

  • The separator plate damaged.
Inspect condition of separator plate if its slipped from its actual position then readjust to its actual place.If the plate is broken/damaged then it has to be replaced.
  • Transmission Pump assembly bolts out of specifications.
Inspect the pump assembly condition for transmission.Also get the transmission pump pressure tested.If the pressure is low or leaking then pump has to be replaced.

  • Reverse clutch issue.
Inspect the condition of clutch,if its damaged or leaking then clutch has to be replaced.
  • Direct/reverse servo piston seal cut/leaking.
Confirm that piston seal is not letting the pressure loose.If the seal is worn or loose then it has to be replaced.

  • Faulty TCC( Transfer case control) Solenoid.
TCC solenoid needs to be replaced.

  • Issue with rear or front valve body.

Valve body got cracked or leaking.

It can be issue with gears or problem with transmission and needs to be rebuilt. Also get the tranny fluid checked. If it’s low, then such problems occurs.

To troubleshoot these types of issues, check the actual solved problems with these types of issues.
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These will help.

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