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How to fix coolant leak, How to find coolant leaking on your vehicle,Troubleshoot coolant related issues,

Coolant/ Antifreeze/ Refrigerant its all one of the very important factor of your vehicles cooling system.

Coolant keeps the vehicle/ engine and its relatively components cool,which are getting warm while driving.

You are driving your car and you notice that vehicle is overheating,then these is due to no coolant or low coolant.

If you see the coolant is low,then refill the correct amount of required coolant in your vehicle.
If you notice that you have just filled coolant last week and these week again coolant level getting very low,then its sure that coolant is getting leaked.

You can check coolant level at radiator reservoir.

But please open the radiator cap when engine is completely cold,if engine is warm an you open the radiator cap then there will be pressure got created in the cap and coolant will spill out on you with force.

Sometimes there is coolant in the chamber and coolant is also not leaking,but you still notice vehicle getting too much overheated.

That means that coolant is got stuck up/clogged in its passing line or its issue with thermostat.
The thermostat remains closed then coolant will not flow,when it gets open then only the coolant will flow out.

To confirm if thermostat is working inspect the two radiator hoses when engine is bit warm.
There are two rad hoses both should be bit warm to touch.
If you notice one of the hose to be cold,then thermostat is issue its got faulty. It has to be inspected and replaced.

Also try these ,
First remove the radiator cap when engine cool,then with  radiator full and the cap off,  start the engine and look for air bubbles. A steady, regular stream of bubbles can be an indication of a head gasket problem.
If no bubbles are noticed then its not issue with head gasket.

Also to see where its leaking go from each hoses of radiator,visually see heater core areas where there is possibility to leak.
Also check the 'weep hole' under the water pump, the hoses, thermostat housing, freeze plugs, and the radiator.

Get the coolant pressure tested, if its definitely leaking coolant. You will need to get the coolant running line.

Pressure test will help you to know from where exactly coolant/refrigerant is getting leaked.

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