Friday, November 11, 2011

454 gm motor smokes when oil is added ?

I believe the seals may be dried out ,one of the user got same problem and he noticed smoke coming out from plug number 7 when oil was added.

The seals are no doubt dryrotted or missing. I had 1 truck that had faulty seals at 13000 miles. The sludge is not as drastic as you may be visualizing. The extreme low mileage may have caused some buildup around the returns. The reason for #7 is that it is the lowest area, so the oil pools and rises around those valve stem seals. You can certainly try to add on the other side if you have access and see what happens. All of the seals will be in need of replacement but that back cylinder is subject to more heat and could have deteriorated that seal over the rest.
In your case also the problem may be similar,check out this possibilities,this will help.

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