Tuesday, October 22, 2013

How To replace outer glass lens on Samsung galaxy vibrant

SamSung Galaxy Outer Glass Replacement

Please click on the below two links of video which will demonstrate how to replace the outer cover of galaxy S. if you are not comfortable doing it, give it to Samsung or other mobile services store as they are the best ones to do the same.

Video 1
Video 2

Please Note

The outer glass lens is actually the digitizer. It sits just in front of the lcd screen and is what's makes your "touch" control the phone.

To remove the panel, you will need to use a heat gun to heat up the tape holding the panel to the phone shell. One it is nice and gooey, use your non marring tool to pry the panel from the phone, making sure to have the flex cable disconnected from the main board.

To install, clean up the shell and then apply your digitizer tape to the shell, run the flex cable through the opening, and then press the digitizer down onto the shell. Put the phone back together and you're up and running. The first video link  posted above is exactly what you should follow. Its the same for almost every phone.
To separate the front glass from the digitizer on a Samsung Galaxy S is not possible.
These are put together the exact same way the iPhone 4's are. You cannot and repeat, cannot separate the two from each other without something scratching or breaking. I've replaced 100's of cell phone display's and can tell you first hand that if your going to do this and expect a like new phone look when your done, buy the assembly. They sell just the glass on ebay yes, but what they dont tell you is that the adhesive is applied with a special machine that quickly applies a set amount of special clear adhesive and mends the two pieces within a certain timeframe and with perfect pressure. These pieces were never meant to be taken apart. The reason these people on ebay sell you the glass for so cheap and the assembly for a lot more is because they know that you'll buy the cheap one first then end up buying the assembly when things go south. Take it from someone who's been there already. 

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