Thursday, October 3, 2013

Cell Phone locked , PUK Code

Cell Phone PUK Code

I have my cell phone blocked, appears here puk. I write my pin and the cell describe that it is incorrect, I can not open my cell phone?

Please contact your cellular service provider to get the PUK code for your phone.

Phone Up Customer Services And See What They Can Do.

Your nokia 6020 doesn't have problem. It's your sim card. If you still have your simcard packaging, the PUK code is written their inside it's brochure. Or you can also go to your mobile phone network and ask its PUK code. Or simply buy a new simcard with the same network company.

PLEASE NOTE: I took it to my provider and they had to give me a new SIM card and it fixed the problem. But you lose whatever is saved on the original SIM card.

PUK code can be given only by your service provider which is specific for each and every mobile number.
Contact your sim customer care department over phone. Its free of cost to get the pin or puk no. If you cant contact through your phone get some other phone and contact them.
Go to the nearest service outlet of your service provider they can also help you. 
There is no other way than the above procedure only your service provider can give it nobody else in this world nor any software. 

Testimonial: "Thank you ever so much for your help. I have just phoned my service provider. Undertook all the necessary security checks and then they unblocked it."

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