Thursday, March 7, 2013

Volvo:ABS control module?

You will have to scan the vehicle and see what the code is first, the code tells what are the failure has occurred  Volvo has had some problems with the abs hydraulic systems over the years, so that could be it. Whenever the anti-lock brake light is on it is in fail safe mode and the anti lock feature will not work. It probably is not a fuse problem, but should check all of them anyway. You can replace the module yourself, but it may have to be programmed at the dealer if it is the electrical part and not the hydraulic unit. It really needs to be scanned first. 

See the Abs module location diagram:

4/16 ABS control module
8/15 Hydraulic unit ABS

Abs module
Anti-lock Brake Systems or ABS is an integral part of the safety of your car. Stopping a car on a slippery surface or in a panic situation can cause us to quickly appreciate ABS. These systems work with the aide of sensors at the wheels, computers and control modules. ABS allows us to slow and stop a car in the event the tires lose traction with the ground no matter the surface or conditions.
When the ABS system does not work properly we are not reaping the full advantage of a major safety system. To ensure you are getting the most out of this feature, make sure your TRACS or ABS light is off.
Click on this link below,for more details.To turn your abs light off:---
If your abs module is checked faulty,then to get it repaired.Please click on the link below:---

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