Monday, March 4, 2013

how to remove the glass top of a Frigidaire slide in oven/ cooktop?

Frigidaire Glass Cooktop

frigidiare cooktop
Here is detail from the service manual, to help you get through this repair,

How to access the control panel
•Remove the screw on each side.
Remove the two screws under
the console.
Pull down the console.
Remove the screw on both sides of the console.

How to reach the cooktop
Surface Elements
Remove the control panel.

Remove the four screws on the
front on the burner box (two on
both side).
Pull up on the entire burner box

and in order reach the surface
elements, just flip over the
burner box.
Unscrew the burner box from all


Remove the burner box from the
glass top.
• Remove
the retainer bar by
applying pressure to the extremity

and pulling the anchorage away from the retainer bar in order to
free the surface element.There is no need to unplug all the elements
upon replacing the glass cooktop.

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