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A car alarm is installed in a vehicle to stop theft of the vehicle itself, its contents.Car alarms have become increasingly sophisticated in warding off potential thieves.

The working of alarm system is very simple.
There is a one kind of horn/siren device that operates on sensor and that is wired to a 12 volt source of the vehicle.
If someone tries to open your car ,the siren gets activated by the command of alarm sensor and you come to know that your car is open.

There are two types of Alarm systems.One is factory Alarm system,which comes installed by vehicle manufacturer itself.
But if in case on old car models where Alarm system was not provided,there are local after market alarm system installed these alarm systems are called Aftermarket alarm system.

Most of the Alarm systems have Alarm activating switch on driver side panel.On some after market alarm systems there is a Valet switch provided on Alarm module itself.
These switch is to stop/disable or also reset the Alarm system.

The Alarm siren sensors are installed or fitted to each and every door/entry of the vehicle.So if any other person tries to enter the vehicle the door sensor gets actiuvated and Alarm starts honking.When the owner is away from its car,they activate the car alarm so if the alarm honks it come to know that someone is playing with car system to entrer the vehicle and steal its accessories or steal the car.

But sometimes these alarm system actually causes problem like suddenly going OFF without any reason.The Alarm hnking mid night and neighbours complaing you.So on these cases these system is very frustrating.

On such cases issue can be faulty alarm or its wiring or sensors.

So its always advisable that if your car has Alarm system installed,then get its complete detail from the dealer or from where you buy the car.

Where is alarm switch to disable,how its operating,how to disable alarm.
If its controlled by keyfob or computer module then what is the alarm code how to trace the alarm wiring for your particular vehicle.

Theft alarm system is not a bad choice to get installed but sometimes the alarm related problems are very troublesome.

It can be any of the car doors not got properly locked or the door is locked but the switch is not sensing the door locked. Open and close each door again properly.
Or else its problem with any of switch wiring getting in contact with alarm wiring causing it to happen.
And last thing alarm connections need to be inspected. It’s getting short somewhere in between.
There are few help links with solutions, to troubleshoot these types of problems. I suggest going through these links.

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These list will get updated soon with more Car alarm Issues and its solutions,so do visit again.

These details will help.

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