Saturday, October 13, 2012

Digital Camera Troubleshooting

Problems like Lens error or Lens not advancing out when camera is power ON.

And for many other Lens related digital camera problem,try these basis service repair tips to get your problem solved.

Lens error Problem or Lens related problems are very common on most of digital cameras,let it be of any brand or model.But these problems occurs.

But mostly this is  the commonly encountered error among compact and bridge digital cameras.These is based on my personal experiences on digital cameras.
When the problem occurs you get worried and only one option comes to your mind.That is a serious repair is needed and the expenses will be high.But you love your digicam so much that you get it to professional to get it repaired.
It may indicate that your camera needs repair (or replacement). But before you go that route, however, there are several things you might try. These are not foolproof and they're not guaranteed: if your camera needs professional repair then it needs professional repair.But any how,what bad to try,if these tricks are not damaging your digicam any more.

The working digital camera suddenly showing a problem,there are many causes for this.On some cases you know the issues and on some cases you are not aware of the possibility.These digicams are very attractive many a times our friends and or our relatives,just get it out of box and start clicking some photographs .These equipment's are to be used very gently and carefully.If not takes proper care,it can show problems.

  • One is impact, caused by dropping the camera or knocking it against something, especially with the lens extended. 
  • Another is dirt or grit in the works, jamming it. 
  • Ironically, one of the most common sources for the dirt or grit is the camera case. 
  • Cases tend to accumulate dirt and lint and other stuff, which eventually get transferred to the camera.
  • Another cause is the camera getting turned on while the lens is obstructed. 
This can happen if the camera gets turned on inadvertently while in its case or a purse or other confined space.

Warranty: If your camera is still under warranty, take advantage of it.And take it to the company service center.
But if its old or at-least out of warranty then ............
Cross your fingers and try these steps in order.Before directly getting it to the professional camera repair shop:-----

The first step is to turn the Power ON of your camera:
If you have an AC power adapter for your camera, use it. This is not the same thing as a battery charger, but instead a device intended to power the camera for a long time on AC power. If your camera has a Lithium-ion battery pack, make sure it's fully charged. It your camera uses AA or AAA batteries and you're using rechargeable  put in a fresh set of alkaline batteries instead. The purpose of this is to get the maximum power to the motor. Try turning on the camera.
But if the Lens is not coming out automatically then it needs cleaning.

The second option is cleaning the camera lens side assembly.The side assembly which moves in/out:---
 You can use can of compressed air if you don't, try cleaning the area around the lens, where the segments normally extend. Be careful not to blow more grit into the works. Try turning on the camera.

Once the cleaning is done.Turn the camera On and see if its releasing the lens assembly out or not. If the previous step didn't work, turn the camera over so that the lens is down, and try turning on the camera. Sometimes the extra effort of lifting its own weight will jar it free.

On most of such cases the above two previous methods help.But if its not helping on your case then try these last method.Jiggling: 

Since your camera is out of warranty and nothing else works, so what do you have to lose? Jiggle the lens with a fingertip as you turn the camera on. Side-to-side, up-down, clockwise-counterclockwise. Don't push down on the lens so hard that you keep it from extending.Also dont push on lens glass.These lens glass are very weak and very delicate to get cracked OFF,with very gentle push.

Hope your camera lens error issue gets solved by these basics repair and service tips.


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